Monthly essays focusing on some aspect of technological change, usually with a consumer bent, have been part of the summer version of the website almost since it started. Past topics have included genetically modified foods, green cars and solar energy, among others. The "Essay Archives" section contains all the essays which have appeared on the site in the summer (and during the year, when applicable) from 2003 to 2019. The Archives have grown to be so large that it has become a time-consuming task recoding the pages with each new design version of the site. The Essay Archives were recoded and updated for 2019 in conjunction with the 2019 summer site theme. There was no extended summer edition of the site in 2020/21 due to Covid. Click the link below to visit the Essay Archives. 2019essay_archives.html.

PLEASE NOTE: Clicking the link above will open a separate window. "Home" and other page links on those pages will not redirect to the current version of the site, only within the 2019 Summer site.


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