This page contains information on various arts and special music or performance-related events and activities. Artwalk information and free museum day listings are carried over here from the summer "Extras" page, as are a couple of other categories of "freebies" from the summer site. Additional information on free events/activities can be found on the site's Facebook and Twitter pages. The most currents posts to Facebook and Twitter also may be viewed on the concert pages. Click here to view the current list of Arts/Special Events for the month.

     Information on this page begins with special, arts, and music-related events listed by date, followed by a section of general announcements. Links are provided for other information such as artwalks and free museum days. As with the concerts, ALL SCHEDULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE, and it is HIGHLY recommended that you confirm every event prior to attending. This page generally is updated at the same time as the concert listings.


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