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     The "Links" page has grown tremendously with the number of venues added to the listings and the number of artists appearing at the concerts. The "Links" section has three pages. The first page contains links to the cities/venues hosting the concerts. (Visit the "Extras" page for art-related links/artwalk venues). The second section is a list of band links for the letters "A" through "L," and the third section is a list of band links for the letters "M" through "Z." Some cities/venues do not release their concert information until well into June or later (especially for series in August and September), so the Links section is continually updated during the summer as information is received. Click on a link below to go to one of the three sections.


•  BAND LINKS A - L  •


* * PLEASE NOTE: Band links are added to the section on a continuing basis and updated throughout the summer, and "missing links" are filled in as websites are located. There are still many more names to be added and shows to be included. If you don't find the information you're looking for, please send an e-mail message to the site or try back a little later! * *

    The information included in the section is in the following format: artist or band name, type of music, website/link and date(s) of performance(s). Details for concerts dates are included in the listings during the current month. All listings are alphabetical, and you can click on a letter below or scroll down the page to view the entire section of band links. Any information on band links which have not been located ("missing link") is appreciated.

M  |  N  |  O  |  P  |  Q  |  R  |  S  |  T  |  U  |  V  |  W  |  X  |  Y  |  Z

MCL Band Rock "missing link" Sept 7
MO50 Rock Aug
MVPs Variety June
Mabuchi, Yuko Group Jazz July, Aug
Maciel, David "missing link" Sept 2
Madlener, Jasmine Youth Band "missing link" July
Magic of Motown Motown Revue "missing link" July
Maika, Danny Trio July
Manafest Christian Rap Sept 1
Mancini, Nick Collective Jazz June, Aug
Mangione, Michelle Trio Rock June, Aug, Sept 16
Mann, Janis Jazz Sept 28
Maqueos Music Latin June, July
Marchese, Eric Ragtime Piano "missing link" Aug
Maria Blues Reggae/Ska July
Mariachi Herradura de Plata Mariachi "missing link" Aug, Sept 2
Mariachi Arcoiris de Los Angeles Mariachi June
Mariachi Arriba Guadalajara Mariachi "missing link" Sept 13
Mariachi Camino Real Mariachi July
Mariachi Divas All-Female Mariachi June, July, Sept 13
Mariachi Espectacular Mariachi July, Aug
Mariachi Estrella de Jalisco Mariachi "missing link" June
Mariachi Lindas Mexicanas Mariachi July, Sept 16
Mariachi Los Angeles de Pepe Martinez Jr. Mariachi July, Aug
Mariachi Los Colibri Mariachi "missing link" July
Mariachi Los Reyes Mariachi Aug
Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles Mariachi June
Mariachi Toro Mariachi "missing link" June
The Marias Jazz/Funk Aug
Marienthal, Eric Jazz June
Marimba Tropical Latin "missing link" July
Marina Del Rey Summer Symphony Classical July, Aug
Marina V June
Marker, Ryan "missing link" June
Marsh, Kathy Flutist orchestra July
Marshall, Evan J. Mandolinist Aug
Mary Jane's Last Dance Tom Petty Tribute July
Masters of Puppets Metallica Tribute Aug
Matalachi Afro-Spanish "missing link" Aug
Matchbox Twenty Too Matchbox 20 Tribute July, Aug
Mauser, Matt Sinatra Tribute June, Aug
Maverick, Mark DJ/Karaoke "missing link" June, Sept 7
Mawanga, Peter Malawian Aug
Mayaztek Reggae/Cumbia "missing link" June
McEntee, Eric June
McPhee, Katharine Singer Aug
Mediocre Teen Alt Rock "missing link" Aug
Memphis, Danny Elvis Tribute July
Mendez, Jack/The Joshua Tree "missing link" Aug
Mendez, Jackie Ska Aug
Mendoza, Natalie Vocalist "missing link" Sept 15, 30
Mestizo LA Salsa Sept 1
Metcalf, Kenny Elton John Tribute June, July, Aug
The Meteoroids Surf "missing link" Aug
Metta Quintet Jazz "missing link" July
Michael, Raymond Elvis Tribute June, July
Michaels, Jeffrey "missing link" Sept 16
Middleton-Martinez Jazz Jazz "missing link" Aug
Middleton, Scott Group Jazz "missing link" July
Midlife Crisis June
Midnight Rider "missing link" June
Midnight Sun Swing Aug
The Midnite Cruzers Soul/R&B "missing link" June
Mighty Cash Cats J Cash Tribute Aug
Mighty Untouchables Dance "missing link" Aug
Mike the Poet "missing link" June
Mike's Guitar World Variety June, July, Aug, Sept 14
Miller, Marcus Percussion July
Miller, Randy Americana "missing link" July, Aug
Miller, Sammy/The Congregation Jazz July
Mintzer, Bob Jazz Aug
Mintzer-Ferrante Quartet Jazz See Mintzer, Bob, or Ferrante, Russell Aug
Minyo Station Japanese June
Mirage Fleetwood Mac Tribute Aug
Misplaced Priorities Classic Rock June
Mitchell, Billy Jazz June, July
Modern Gentlemen Vocal Group "missing link" July
Mojave Beach Band Rock "missing link" June, July
Mojave Nights Classic Rock Sept 6
Mongorama Latin Jazz Aug, Sept 29
Monroe, Nichelle/Butterfly R&B/Soul "missing link" Aug
Mons VI Pop July
Montenegro, Doris/Su Sonora Explosiva Cumbia sonoraexplosiva June
Montes Mateo, Cristina Harpist Aug
Moon Honey Pop/Rock June
Moona Luna Children's "missing link" Aug
Moondogg Blues Sept 15
Moonlight Express Big Band June, Aug
Moraes, Katia/Brazilian Hearts Brazilian June, July, Aug, Sept 30
Moraga, Vic Blues June, July, Sept 1
More, Yari Salsa July, Aug
Morgan, Ashley See Faultlines Sept 3
Morgan, Melissa Jazz June
Morningstar Performing Arts Youth June, July, Aug, Sept 9
Morris, Steve "missing link" Sept 1
Morrison, Barbara Jazz June, July, Aug, Sept 7
Morvan, Laurie Band Blues July
Motley 2 Motley Crue Tribute July
Motown Thang Motown/Soul "missing link" July
Moving in Stereo "missing link" July
Mowatt, Judy Reggae Sept 19
Mrs. Jones Revenge June
Muldrow, Georgia Anne Hip Hop/Soul Aug, Sept 15
Mulock, Maria "missing link" July
Muzic Fun Youth "missing link" June
My Generation British Invasion June, July, Aug, Sept 8,15,22
Mystic Wave "missing link" July

Nam, Beth Pianist Sept 26
Nasty Bad Habit July
Navy Band Southwest Variety July
The Nectarines Goth Doo-Wop Sept 8
The Neil Deal Neil Young Tribute Sept 7
Nelson, Jimi/Drifting Cowboys Country Sept 16
Neon Nation 80s June, July
Neptune Cocktail Surf June
Nevenka E. European Ensemble World June
New Divide "missing link" June
The New Waves Surf "missing link" June
Newman, Arnie Country July, Aug
The Newport Beat Classic Rock "missing link" July
Ng, Stephanie Pianist Aug
Night Blooming Jazzmen Dixieland Jazz July, Aug
Night Owl Jazz Orchestra Big Band "missing link" July
Nineteen 90s Band 90s "missing link" July
No Duh No Doubt Tribute June, July, Aug, Sept 2
Nogueira, Hugo Guitarist "missing link" Sept 5
Nolan, Tom Band R&B/Soul June, July, Aug
Nomads Rock/Blues "missing link" July
Noonchester, Kevin Cabaret "missing link" June
NoStatic "missing link" Sept 30
Noteworthy Puppets Puppets July
Nubes Latin Rock Aug
Nutty Jazz Aug

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OC School of the Arts Jazz June
O'Brien, Pat/Priests of Love Rock Aug
Oakwood Brass Chamber Music July
Ocean Park Sound System Funk Sept 9
Ocho-X Jazz "missing link" July
Ohio Players Funk/R&B June
Ohio Trio Plus Motown/R&B June, July, Aug, Sept 28
Olio Rock/Funk Aug
Oliu, Sean "missing link" June, July, Aug
One Flight Up "missing link" July
One Life Band Rock Aug
One Ten South Sept 1
One World Rhythm "missing link" June
Ontario Chaffee Community Show Band Community Band June, July, Sept 17
Ooms, Olivia/The Resistors Youth Band July
Orange Empire Barbershop Chorus Harmony June
The Orbitrons Surf Aug
Orquesta Akokan Latin Sept 5
Orquesta Charangoa Salsa/Cuban June, Aug
Orquesta Tabaco y Ron Salsa Aug
Osu, Katzu Folk/Pop "missing link" June
Other Mother Brother Band Bluegrass Aug
Outerwave Surf July
Oxygen Tango Tango July
Ozomatli Latin Alt July

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Pacific Coast Highway Light Rock "missing link" Aug
Pacific Symphony Orchestra July
Pacific Youth Symphony Orchestra "missing link" June
Paddy's Pig Irish July
Paige, Handley Band "missing link" Aug
Paige, Michaela "missing link" Aug
Palisades Symphony Orchestra June
Pan African Youth Orchestra Int'l Orch. July
Panjive Trio Steel Drum June
Paperback Writer Beatles Tribute Aug
Papermoon Gypsys Rock/Blues July
The Paranoias Ska June
The Paranoyds Punk Rock June
Pasadena Community Orchestra Classical June
Pasadena Symphony-Pops Orchestra July
Past Action Heroes 80s July, Aug
Past to Present Covers Aug
Paula, Leslie/Latin Soul Band Latin Soul/Jazz "missing link" Aug
Payne, Brent Country Sept 3
Peck, Joseph Steel Drum June
Pedro, Melanie Soprano "missing link" June
Peninsula Symphony Orchestra June
The Perfect Cut Neil Diamond Tribute July
Petty & the Heartshakers Tom Petty Tribute July, Aug
The PettyBreakers Tom Petty Tribute June, Aug
Phat Cat Swinger Vegas Swing June, July
Phillips, KC "missing link" Aug
Phoenix Rising Rock June
Phranc Aug
Physick, Mike Band "missing link" June
Pickleback Shine Country June, July
Pina, Celso Cumbia/Latin July
Pine Mountain Logs Covers June, July, Aug
Pink Roach Blues/Soul "missing link" Aug
Pinky Pinky Rock June
Placentia Symphonic Band Comm. Band July
Platinum Rockstars Rock Aug
Plus Size Models Rock July
Point Antagonist Teen Band "missing link" Aug
Polynesian Paradise Dance June, Aug
Pomona College Ensembles Classical Sept 14,15,16,21,26,27,28
Pomona Concert Band Community Band June, July, Aug
Pompeya Dance July
Ponderosa Aces Country July
Poolside Daytime Disco June
Pop Gun Rerun 80s July, Aug
Pop Vinyl Pop July, Aug
Pope Paul & the Illegals Rockabilly www.popepaulandtheillegals Aug
Potter, Keschia Band Jazz Aug
Powerhouse Band Funk/Variety "missing link" July
The Praties "missing link" Aug
Preston, Don Jazz "missing link" June
Price, Luke Americana "missing link" Aug
Pride of Cucamonga Rock "missing link" June
Prince Bernard "missing link" July
Princess Fortier R&B/Hip Hop Aug
Prizmatic Katy Perry Tribute July
Propaganda Rap/Pop June
Psychedelic Furs Alt Rock July
Psychic Temple "missing link" Sept 8
Psycho Punx June, Sept 28
Puorto, Shari Blues Sept 1
Purple Sugar Rock June
The Pyronauts Surf "missing link" July

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Queen Nation Queen Tribute June, Aug, Sept 2
Quetzal Chicano Rock www.quetzanimales Aug, Sept 29
Quinn, Aileen/Leapin' Lizards Rockabilly June, Aug
Quinto Sol Latin Alt "missing link" June
Quitapenas Afro-Latin July, Sept 5

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RCR Rockabilly "missing link" July
Radio Active "missing link" June
Ragdoll Rock July
Ragins, Julie Vocalist "missing link" July
Raise Your Glass Pink Tribute July
Ramblin' Man Allman Bros. Tribute Aug
Ramirez, Christopher Drumming July
Ramsey Brothers Band Surf/Rock July
Rancho Cucamonga Community Band Concert Band "missing link" June
Random Spark Rock/Blues "missing link" Aug
Ranelin, Phil Jazz June
Ranky Tanky Gospel-Americana Aug
Ratt Blasters "missing link" July
Rattle the Knee Irish June
Rau, Andy Folk/Rock July
Ravel, Freddie Latin Jazz July
The Ravelers Classic Rock July, Aug
Ravenwood, Robby Variety Aug
Razciel, Sandro & Co Pop June, Sept 21
Rebel Rose June
Rebellion de Guerrero Latin "missing link" June, Sept 7
Rebels Uprising Band Reggae June
Reckless Rock "missing link" June
Recor, Kimi "missing link" June
Redd, Billy Vocalist "missing link" July
Redd Street R&B/Dance "missing link" June, July, Aug
Redlands Symphony Orchestra June, Aug
Redneck Rodeo Country July, Aug
The Reefriders Surf June
The Reflexx 80s June, July, Aug
Renown Muzic R&B/Contempo June, July, Aug
The Replicas Variety Aug
Resurrection Mexican Folk Dance "missing link" June
Retro Station Dance June, July, Aug
Retroblast Classic Rock "missing link" June
The Reventlos Surf Sept 23
Reverend Tall Tree Blues/Soul Aug
Revolver "missing link" July
Rey Inn Latin "missing link" July
Reynolds, Graham Rock Opera July
Reynolds, John Trio Jazz June
Rhodes, Anne "missing link" Aug
Rhythm Child Children's Aug
Rhythm Jukeboxx June, July, Aug
Rich Girl Hall & Oates Tribute "missing link" June
Rio Duran Duran Tribute June
Rio Hondo Symphony Orchestra Sept 30
RipMasters Rockabilly "missing link" June
Rivera, Gustavo Latin June
Rizzo, Tom Quartet Jazz "missing link" Aug
Roach, Barclay Rock/Blues Sept 2
Roadhouse Classic Rock "missing link" June
Roberts, Justin Children's Aug
Robinson, Steve "missing link" July
Robles, Maribel "missing link" Sept 1
Robson, Mark Pianist Sept 6
Rock and Roll Experience Rock "missing link" June
Rock Stallion Rock'N Roll June
Rockstars of Tomorrow Music School Aug, Sept 16,21,22
Rocktane Rock July, Sept 30
Rodriguez, Arsenio Project Tribute Aug
Rodriguez, Daniel Tenor "missing link" July
Rodriguez, Rosalie Elena Latin Sept 15
Rojanaro, Renee/After Dark July
Rojas, Mario/Saturday Night Pink "missing link" June
Romero y Perez Flamenco Sept 15
Rommel, Sarah Cellist Sept 30
Ronny and the Classics Rock & Roll July, Sept 14
Rosales, David Singer June, July
Ross, Jimbo Blues/Funk June
Roth, Nancy Violinist "missing link" Aug
Rumbankete Salsa July
Running Hot Rolling Stones Tribute June
Rusnak, John Pianist "missing link" June
Rusty Steel Band Steel Drum Aug
Ryan, Michael/Friends Irish "missing link" Aug

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S4XOPHONE Brassy Pop "missing link" July
SMC Lyric Chorus Vocal Group June
Saber, Graham Worship Rap June
Sabine Pianist "missing link" July
Safety Orange Rock-Reggae July
Sagal, David Jazz Quintet Jazz "missing link" June
Sage, Eric Covers "missing link" July
San Gabriel Mission Marimbass Marimbas Sept 1,2
Sanchez, Lorenzo Pianist "missing link" Aug
Sanchez, Poncho Latin Jazz June, July, Aug
Sangria Latin/Top 40 July
Sara, Kenny NewOrleans Jazz "missing link" July
Santamaria, Dayren/Made in Cuba Cuban Jazz June, July, Sept 30
Sapo Latin Rock "missing link" June
Sashamon Aug
Satisfaction Rolling Stones Tribute "missing link" Aug
Saturday Night Fever Bee Gees Tribute "missing link" July
Saucedo, Lakin Pop June
Savala, Shane Jazz Guitar Sept 15
Savor Santana Tribute Aug
Scambooty 1920s-40s June, Aug
Schwartz, Agnes Violinist "missing link" Aug
Scotty Mac Band Country June, July
Scripps College Ensembles Classical Sept 7,14,21,28
Secret City "missing link" June
Sedillo Band "missing link" Aug
Seiler, Gary/Coast Riders Jimmy Buffet Tribute June
Seldon, Rory/InnerSession July
Selina, Adrienne Rock June, Aug
Sellers, Michael Pianist July, Sept 16
Seoul of Korea Korean "missing link" June
Seraphim, Hans June
Sgt. Peppers Beatles Tribute June, July
Shades of Blue Diverse Blues July, Sept 22
Shades of LA July
Shaheed, Nolan Quintet Jazz "missing link" July, Aug
Shameless Dawgs Dance June
Shandor, Justin Elvis Tribute June
Sharon & the Chevelles Swinging 50s July
Shashaty, Joe Jazz Sax "missing link" June
She Wants Revenge Rock July
Sheriffs of Schroedingham Americana July
Shey Baba Singer-Songwriter June
The Shifters "missing link" Aug
Showkillers Reggae/Rock June
Shy But Flyy Soul June
Sierra Madre Music Variety July
Sigma Alpha Iota OC Classical "missing link" June
The Silverados Country July, Aug
Simon, Robert Flamenco Guitar June
Sister Mantos Latin Pop July, Sept 5
Sitarason Cuban Son Sept 22
Sitterly, Jim Trio Classical "missing link" Aug
Six Hot Live June, Sept 28
Skapechemode 80s/Ska Aug
Skin & Bones Americana July
Skinny Little Twits Classic Rock June, Aug
Skinny Ties 80s Rock "missing link" June, Aug
Skoda, Leann Sept 18
The Slackers Ska June
Slacktone Surf Sept 23
Sligo Rags Celtic/Folk July
Slinker Rock "missing link" June, Sept 21
Small Town Magic See Jackson, Larry/Rhonda July, Aug, Sept 21
Small World Band Classic Rock July
Smash Mouth Rock Aug
Smith, Hillary Cellist Sept 2
Smith the Band Country July, Aug, Sept 15
Smith, Roger Guenveur Actor "missing link" July
Smith, VR Jazz June
Smoke Season Electro-Soul Sept 22
The Smokin' Cobras Oldies June, July, Aug
Smokin' Smitty/Masters of Music "missing link" July
Smooth Santana Tribute June, July, Aug
Smooth Groove Band Old School "missing link" June
The Society Band Top 40 June, July
Sogand Hip Hop "missing link" Aug
Son Cache Salsa Sept 22
Sonic Recovery Rock/Funk Aug
Sosa, Candi Afro-Cuban July
Soto Latin/Funk June, July, Aug, Sept 6
Soul Brothers R&B "missing link" Sept 15
Soul Language Brazilian "missing link" Sept 23
Soul Purpose Collective Soul/New Age "missing link" June
Soul Sacrifice Santana Trib. Aug, Sept 2
Soul Shot Soul/Rock/R&B Sept 2
Soul Tribe Funk "missing link" June, Aug, Sept 14
Soulshine Rock "missing link" June, Aug
Soultry Motown "missing link" June
Sound FX Jazz/R&B/Dance July, Sept 1
Southbound & Company Skynyrd Tribute July
Southern Spirit S. Rock "missing link" July
Southland Party Band 90s "missing link" June
Southland Symphony Orchestra Sept 15
Space Oddity Bowie Tribute July
Spanish Harlem Orchestra Latin Jazz Sept 29
Spazmatics 80s/New Wave June, July
Spin Doctors Rock Aug
The Split Rock/Blues "missing link" June
Springsteen Experience Springsteen Tribute July
Squeakin' Wheels Folk/Blues July
Stackpoole, Sean Flute/Sax Sept 23
The Standards "missing link" July, Aug
Stark, Jesse Jo Rock Sept 15
The Steady 45s Punk/Jazz July
Steel Rod Top 40 "missing link" July, Aug
Steel Rollin' Soulful Rock July, Sept 3
Steely Jam SteelyDan Tribute July
Stein, Derek Cellist Aug
Steppe Bison/Chief White Lightning Pop Sept 8
Sterling Sylver Country Aug
Still Spark Pop/Rock "missing link" June
Still Woozy Electronic July
Stipp, Neil Organist Aug
Stone Soul Motown/Soul June, July, Aug, Sept 15
Storie, John Quartet Jazz Sept 23
Storytellers/In Crowd "missing link" Sept 1
Stout, Jonathan/Campus Five Swing June
Strange Days Doors Tribute Aug
Stretch, Dave Acoustic "missing link" June
Stuckey, Dave/Hot House Gang Swing Sept 10
Suave Latin/Variety June, July, Aug, Sept 21
Suce, Janie "missing link" Sept 8
Sudan Archives Pop-Electronic Sept 26
Suffragettes Show Band July, Aug
Sullivan, James Clarinetist "missing link" Aug
Sullivan, Mike Acoustic Rock "missing link" July
Sunshine Generation Children's June
Superlark Rock July
Surf City AllStars Surf/Beach Boys June
Surf Kings Surf June
Surf's Up Beach Boys Tribute June, Aug
Surfabilly Cats Rockabilly "missing link" June, Aug, Sept 7
Surge, John/Haymakers Americana Aug
Sutton, Tierney Band Jazz July
Suzuki, Jacqueline Violinist June
Swanson, Don Variety June
Sweet and Tender Hooligans Irish Aug
Sweet Baby J'ai Jazz July
Swimm Pop/Rock Aug
Swing Dolls Andrews Sisters Tribute July
Swing Kings Swing Aug
Swing Machine Trio Swing "missing link" Sept 21
Symphonic Winds of the Pacific Orchestra "missing link" July
Synthesi Greek Aug, Sept 1,2
szalt (Dance Co.) Sound/Movem't Aug

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TTT Brand Country June, Aug, Sept 1
Tad-y, Lesley "missing link" June
Taiko Project Taiko Drums June
Talevero, Juan/Troupe Flamenco "missing link" June
Tammera "missing link" July
Tandem Unicycle Rock June, July, Aug, Sept 15, 29
Taylor, Mike Combo Jazz June
Te Aho Nui Tahitian Aug
Technopagan Electronic July
Tenn West Country July
Thank U Drive Thru Rock June
Thayer, Chris/TCB Blues June, Aug, Sept 23
Thee Midniters Chicano Rock Aug
Thee Swank Bastards Surf "missing link" Sept 23
Them Kool Kats "missing link" July
This Side Up "missing link" July
Thorn, Paul So. Rock July
Thumpasaurus Funk/Rock June, Sept 15
Thunder Jacket Rock "missing link" June, Aug
Ticket to Ride Beatles Tribute July, Sept 1
Tierra Latin/Old School June, July, Aug
Tijuana Dogs Rock July, Aug
The Tiki Creeps Surf Aug
Timba Tumbao Latin "missing link" July
Time Bomb 70s/80s Rock June, Aug
Tiptons Sax Quartet JazzPop Aug
The Tokens Doo Wop/Rock June
Tomorrow's Tessellations Alt Rock Sept 7
Toonstone Blues "missing link" June
Topcat "missing link" July
The Topics Latin/Rock July
Totally GoGos GoGos Tribute July
Touch Sensitive Electronic "missing link" Sept 12
Trabants Surf Sept 23
Trad Jazz Trio Jazz "missing link" June
Tres Hombres Rock/Covers June, Sept 1
Trinity Rock Tribute "missing link" July, Aug
Trio Acapulco Latin "missing link" Aug
Trio Celeste Classical August
The Trip Classic Rock July, Aug, Sept 19
Tropa Magica/Thee Commons Latin Alt June
Trulio Disgracias Sept 8
Tseitlin, Pasha Violinist June
Tucupra Latin Reggae July
Turek, Gavin Disco Pop June
Turn the Page Seger Tribute Aug
Turner, Eric Band Motown/R&B "missing link" June, July
Turner, Meghan Trumpeter "missing link" Aug
Twanguero Latin Guitar Aug
Twilight Steel Drums Steel Drum "missing link" Sept 19
Twist of Orange Swing See Covina Concert Band Aug
The Tydes Surf Sept 7

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UCLA Music Ensembles Variety June
UCLA Philharmonia Classical June
The UK Beat Beatles Music July
US 99 Am. Roots/Blues "missing link" June, July, Sept 1
US Navy Band Southwest Variety Aug, Sept 1,2,3
USC Thornton School Ensembles Classical Sept 7,19,24,26,28
USO Show Troupe Variety "missing link" Sept 3
Ukulele Bartt 3-Man Quartet June
Ulali Indigenous Am. "missing link" June
Ultimate Stones Stones Tribute "missing link" June, July
Undecided Future Pop/Funk/R&B June, Sept 15,29
Undercover Live Variety Aug
UnderCoverGirls Rock July
Unkle Monkey Tropical Rock June, July, Aug, Sept 27
The Uprooters "missing link" Aug
Upstream Reggae/Soca June, July, Aug, Sept 13,29
Uptown Funk Bruno Mars Tribute July, Sept 8
Urban Dread Reggae July
Urban Renewal Project Soul/Hip Hop Sept 23

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The VC "missing link" July
Valdes, Chuchito Cuban Pianist June
Van Taylor, Louis Jazz "missing link" July
Velvet Frogs Barbershop Sept 15
Venice Originals Aug
Verdugo Swing Society Big Band society July, Aug
Verheyen, Carl Band Classic Rock July
Versa-Style Dance Hip Hop July
Very Be Careful Colombian Aug
Victor, David Rock See Platinum Rockstars Aug
Vieness Piano Duo Classical July
Vignes Rooftop Revival Jazz July
Vinyl Funk Funk Aug
Viver Brasil Samba June
The Volcanics Surf July, Aug
Voodoo Sindicate Rock Sept 29
VooDoo Surfers Surf "missing link" Aug
Voyage Journey Tribute Sept 22

Walk Like a Man Frankie Valli Tribute July
Walker, Chase "missing link" July
The Walking Phoenixes Johnny Cash Tribute June
Walsh, Orion "missing link" June
Wanted Bon Jovi Tribute July, Aug
Washington, Lula Dance July
Watt, Mike/Secondmen Rock www.mikewattandthesecondmen Sept 8
Wavves June
Weapons of Mass Creation Latin/Soul Aug
Weatherby, Aris Trio "missing link" Sept 22
Weathers, Kaitlyn Band Country Aug, Sept 1
Weller, Mark Combo Jazz "missing link" June, Aug, Sept 28
Welsman, Carol Jazz June
West, Matthew Christian Sept 1
Western Standard Time Ska Aug
Weston, Kristin Piano/Sax Duo "missing link" Aug
Westwind Productions Polynesian July
Which One's Pink Pink Floyd Tribute Aug, Sept 1
Whiskey Hayride Country/Rock June, Aug
White, Brendan Pianist "missing link" June, July, Aug
Whitfield, Rick Band Motown June
Whittier Regional Symphony Orchestra Sept 30
Who Generation Who Tribute July
Who's Next Who Tribute "missing link" July, Sept 8
Wiggins, Sean Duo Alt Country July
Wigs & Ties "missing link" July
Wilander, Todd Tenor "missing link" June
Wild "missing link" Sept 22
The Wild Kings "missing link" July
Wildwood Dreamers Rockabilly July, Aug
Williams, Chelsea "missing link" July
Winter Pop/Rock Aug
Wise, Stephen Band Pop "missing link" Aug
Wiseguys Big Band Machine Big Band/Swing June, July, Aug
Wnukowski, Daniel Pianist July
Wollman, Terry Pop Aug
Wong, Rosalind Pianist "missing link" Aug, Sept 2
Wood, Jamie/Good Rockin' Daddys Blues/Swing July
Wood, Sandra Azzoni Violinist See June
Wooden Nickel Band "missing link" Aug
Woodie & the Longboards Vintage Surf/Beach Boys June, July, Aug
Woodstock Mud Classic Rock July
World of Music Youth "missing link" July, Sept 23
Wright, Gregg Rock See Brooks Project Sept 15

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X Punk Rock Aug
X Ambassadors Rock Aug

YMF Neighborhood Orchestra Youth Group "missing link" Aug
Yachty By Nature 70s-80s Soft Yacht Rock Aug
Yalo, Gili Ethiopian Aug
Yankee Azteca Sept 14
Yard Sale Pop/Variety June, July, Aug
Yoga Rock "missing link" Sept 26
Young, Alyssa "missing link" July
Young, Gregg/2nd Street Band Jazz/Blues June, Aug, Sept 8
Youngstrom, Kenton Guitarist Sept 23
Yukiko and Friends Japanese Koto Sept 2

Zarate, Briseyda Flamenco Flamenco Aug
Zebrowski, Marek Pianist Aug
Zeger, Leah Gypsy Jazz Aug
Zeppelin USA Led Zeppelin Tribute June
The Zip Guns Surf June
Zolita June
Zsolt, Alex Pianist Sept 9

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