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     This summer the site is a tribute to the world of manga, graphic novels, anime and comics with the tale of O-Gan and the Herons. The tale begins far away in a deeply-divided land increasingly subject to the whims of powerful warlords. The warlords have taken to eliminating entire families who fall subject to their ire. Such was the fate of O-Gan, a young woman who had lost most of her family to the very uncivil wars. Long thought to be gifted with special powers, O-Gan had left the realm to be trained in their use. While away, her father, the last of her family, was killed by the warlord who had ruthlessly come to dominate the area. While she was grieving, the warlord - who didn't really want O-Gan as much as the powers she possessed - lured her under false pretenses to the sprawling grounds of his castle. Once she'd passed through the gates, his sorcerer cast a spell on her, trapping her "ki," or life force and energy, in a container in a special chamber no one could enter.

     As long as she stayed on the grounds she would survive. If she left the grounds for more than a few hours, the connection to her "ki" would dissipate, and she would weaken and die. She spent most of her days by the castle's lake with no one to keep her company except the koi fish and a large blue heron who made the lake his home. Not much from the outside world made its way onto the grounds except for the faint sounds of music from far in the distance. Sometimes O-Gan would sit quietly and listen, longing to leave and wishing she could at least be closer to the music, if not home. Learn more of the tale of O-Gan and the Herons by going through the main pages of the site in the order listed in the column at left. It is a story that will be continued . . .

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