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     Welcome to the special holiday edition of! This site includes a monthly listing of free concerts and music-related events in Orange County and parts of Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire. There are two phases to the site: the Summer version of the site, which runs from June through September, and the Fall/Winter/Spring version, which is here now. Events listed are offered to the general public or residents of certain cities free of charge. Programs in clubs, bookstores, cafes and other similar venues covered elsewhere generally are not included. You can start your visit to the concert listings by clicking on the "Free Concerts" link or a date on the calendar on the left. The Arts/Events page also includes a listing of free museum days, art walks and other special arts-related events and information.

     What's coming inDecember? Many of the traditional holiday events have returned for 2021. Upcoming days will be filled with the sounds of the season, a few parades, many tree lightings and more. As is to be expected, however, some events may be subject to change in the case of bad weather. In the Fall/Winter/Spring, the site usually is updated on the first and third Thursdays of the month. Upcoming updates will be on December 1, 2 and 9, and due to still-changing conditions, there may be extra updates as well. New information will be posted as it is found or announced. Don't forget to check the site's Facebook and Twitter pages for the most recent updates, the latest news and additional information too! If you would still like to view any or all previous Summer editions of the site, they can be reached via links on the Site Book page.

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