Welcome to the 2024 summer edition of the site! This the site's 22nd summer, and the theme is "A 'Perfect' World (As Seen by AI)." Earlier this year I began an exploration of AI (artificial intelligence)-powered image generators, and unless otherwise noted, the images you will be seeing on the site this summer were generated by AI. The theme is explained a bit more on the "News" page and will be discussed in greater depth in one of the summer essays. The image above was chosen because it showed some of the best yet quirkiest aspects of artwork generated: beautiful, detailed imagery (this was the output of a text entry of the words A Perfect World) yet with a few flaws and idiosyncracies (if you look at the person on the right, that person does not appear to have any legs, yet has a shadow for one). In other words, the "perfect" wasn't always exactly so. Thanks for visiting and enjoy Summer '24!


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