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     In 2003, two brief pieces appeared on the site to fill what was then a new section. Over the years a theme developed, and now the essays all deal with some aspect of technological change, usually with a consumer bent. Past topics covered have included solar energy, genetically modified foods, "green" cars, and others. Generally three to four essays appear on the site each year. The current essay also is moved into the Essay Archives in the month after it appears on this page.

      The first essay of Summer 2018 should be here soon on this page. The anticipated schedule for this summer is: Introduction and initial essay in June, then one additional essay for July/August at the end of July and one in September. To visit the 2017 Essay Archives, go to www.dorothyswebsite.org/2017essay_archives.html. And, as always, thank you for your patience.

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NEWS! NEWS! NEWS! - For drone fans, find "A Bird's Eye View - The New Drone Universe" in the 2017 Essay Archives!

2018 Essays - June


     Thank you for your patience. The June essay will be here shortly. This summer's series will focus on the subject of artificial intelligence.


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